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2020 Apollo X18 New Generation


The RFZ Start was created in 2016 on a basis of a double beam frame that is found in different brands. Indeed a strong demand from their customers, pushed Apollo Motors to make a lower motorcycle, better adapted to learning while keeping the RFZ touch with its beautiful plastics!

The plastic kit RFZ models was developed in France in their offices in close collaboration with their pilots factories: line of ultra-thin beam, maximum freedom of movement, without any compromise for the placement of the components everything fits him like a glove. The design intelligence of the new plastic kit is felt as soon as one sits on the bike. After the first rounds, we realize the real magnitude that all these differences generate.

The new RFZ saddle has the distinction of being extremely thin which facilitates the maintenance of the bike with the legs. This saddle is completely independent of plastics and can be disassembled in less than 30 seconds thanks to a quick disassembly system from above.

This RFZ is equipped with all new VOLT RACING suspensions, the fork and damper have been developed in France for over a year with a known preparer. The Volt V1 fork, which measures 640mm long and has 33mm tubes, has been developed to have maximum travel. Its design is unique, its sheaths are white and its fork heads are blue. With its 280mm long, the Volt V1 shock absorber ensures unmistakable comfort.

No more punctures, this bike is equipped with a wheel gripster on the back to block the inner tube and prevent valve tearing!

On the engine side, Apollo collaborates with the YTX factory, which makes them a 125cc start-up engine, but with an aluminum cylinder.